Bass Lesson – Blues and RH Technique

The Lesson Sheet:  PDF Jazz-bass-lesson-1-blues-and-rh-technique


1) Sing the Root of each chord and use the hand signal for that chord function
2) Set the Metronome to 60 BPM and prepare to play with authority.
March to the quarter note and tap your sides to the eight note for one whole chorus or longer;
until you know you are lined up with the metronome. Then count off the tune.
3) Play the 1357 or 1753 Pattern over each chord using each Right Hand Technique
a) Big Band index + arm
b)Two Finger Pinch
c) Scissors (use pattern 1155 instead of 1357)
d) Electric bass style
4) Download the programs for notation (Musescore) and drum machine (Hydrogen)

5) Play through Donna Lee and NEXT WEEK bring your BOW and your ELECTRIC BASS.

You will need the following software for lessons:

Drum Machine:

Music Notation:

Listen to Charles Mingus C Jam Blues:


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