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Hand Staff Treble Clef C

Row Your Boat in C and Triple Rhythms

Triple Rhythm Patterns Melody for Row Your Boat

Megan 2/21

Patterns for 1235, 3457, 5679, 7124 (789 11) and resolve the 4 to 3 Scales 1 up to 7, 3 up to 9, 5 up to 4 (and resolve on major chords), 7 up to 6. loop of Moon Glow, first 4 bars

Alivia 2/10/22

Keep playing Vivace Alone together #1 Sing melody with percussion (clap on 2&4, but add stomp or snap etc) Solo on alone together using the blues scale for 4 bars Solo on alone together using Harmonic minor (me Le Ti) for the first 4 bars Play alone together then solo Bonus: check out some violinists […]

Tonic Patterns with Bass note

Alivia 1/26/22

Vivace – 4 lines – make it impressive Minor ii V i Listen to and Play melody to alone together Play your usual ii V I over every ii V, adjusting it for minor ii v’s and for Minor ii V’s that end on a major chord.

Ukulele Songs in F

Scale Tones in F Hot Cross Buns in F Mary Had a Little Lamb in F Twinkle Little Star in F

Lightly Row (Short Version) in C

Alivia 1/11

Andante and 1 line of vivace Minor iio7 V7b9 im (eb’s, ab’s and B Naturals)

Lightly Row for Christian