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Cello Sonatina

Breval sonata in C Piano Accompaniment

First Movement If you want a different tempo, you can find it in this playlist. Click in the top right where it says 1/13: Second Movement For more tempos for the second movement:

Megan: “a Foggy Day” Play along tracks

Alivia 4/13/21

Billie’s Bounce Play melody, Billie’s bounce listen to song and follow along with hand signs (through the whole song, even the solos) Learn some of the saxophone solo F Blues Scale

Abby 4/13/21

write out solo for take the a train. Print out staff paper: The Jazz Phrasing exercise below Learn One ii V I lick Write a solo over 4-8 bars of a tune using something you learned (a concept, lick, phrasing/bowing from 1 and 2 or from the lesson) check out: Play Billie’s […]

Bela 4/13/21

Guitar pages 8-9 Violin octaves Pick Vivaldi A Minor or Sarabande in G Minor Sarabande in G Minor by Bohm Vivaldi A minor

Alivia 3/30/21

Play the II V I Licks with the II V I Video. Use Jazz bowings. Take one of the II V I licks and play it over each II V I in How high the moon

Abby 3/30/21

Chord Tones Play the Scales that go with each chord (Out of time, then in time) Resolutions by Zone (below) with backing track Zone (Mi-Fa Sol-La, Do Ti, Do-Re) Write out solo for the rest of the song, try scales and different rhythms

Bela 3/30/21

If You Will Not Have Me, You May Let Me Go. Play ‘expressively.’ Make the beat obvious to the listener and try to sound like a singer. Page 77 in fiddle book Play Lightly row in octaves Paganini RECORD If You Will Not Have Me, You May Let Me Go. Guitar chords: F#m chord: […]

Bela 3/23/2021

1.record davy davy knick knack 2. Lightly row in octaves 3. page 76 in fiddle book 4. Play through Paganini