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Megan 10/20/20

Scales: Bb Major and G Minor My favorite Things with Double Stops, Slur three notes (I Simply remember…), Vibrato on the high C . Sing Melody and Play Chord Roots (“Just the Letter”) Autumn Leaves 1) Melody on cello (watch repeats) 2) Chord tones on cello (watch B7, has a D#. Everything else goes along […]

Abby 10/20/20

Scales: warm up with A and D then try Bb and Eb 3 octaves 2. Blue Bossa – Play melody, listen to the trumpet solo, then try to solo similarly. Use the melody and rhythms that help you keep track and try to add something to it. 3. 1231, 123455 swing bowing, 123155, 5321 4. […]

Alivia 10/19

C Melodic minor scale 2 octaves UP Do Re Me Fa Sol La Ti Do Down Do Te Le Sol Fa Me Re Do 2) fourth line second page, decide I-pos. or II-pos. (c minor scale position) 3) Work on the first 6 lines of page 2

Abby 10/13

scales A major and D Major 3 octaves Blue Bossa Autumn Leaves scales and patterns 1231, 123455 swing bowing, 123155, 5321 Listen to Song for my Father

Megan 10/6 and 10/13

My Favorite Things 1) Melody 2) Sing melody and play bass note Autumn Leaves 1) Melody on cello (watch repeats) 2) Chord tones on cello (watch B7, has a D#. Everything else goes along with the G Scale). try Bb Major and G Minor scales. If you have any trouble with Bb, we can go […]

Abby 10/5

Autumn Leaves -come in on beat 2. watch out for F#’s, solo and try mixing up patters 121 123 1235 Blue Bossa – Melody and solo. Try scales over the chords G Major Scale 3 octaves

Websites with 3 Chord Songs for Guitar From 1 – Knockin’ on heavens door – Bob Dylan Chords – More Chords 2 – Love me do – The Beatles Chords – More Chords 3 – Horse with no name – America Chords 4 – Proud mary – CCR Chords – More Chords 5 – Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond Chords […]

Megan 9/29

Scales F Major, D minor Jazz Tunes – (Emailed, please print) Solo – First Page: string crossing G to A, the triplets – stacc. G, accent ‘Du’ of the triplet

Abby 9/29

Play G Major 3 oct, E Major Play each jazz tune, Melody then solo then melody. Try Scale then arpeggio; Arpeggio then Scale; 2 bars (plus a beat) then wait two bars

Alivia 9/28/20

March and say rhythm of first page Go one line at a time and this order: Notes (pitch) with solfege if you are having any trouble hearing what it should sound like Rhythm, at first without the notes, then with the notes Bowings Slurs and articulations like stacc, etc Dynamics, and other expressive elements, etc