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Theory Resources

Harmony Tchaikovsky’s Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony A Good practical guide to scales and harmony for pop and modern musicians: The Ravenspiral Guide Counterpoint Counterpoint Book

Melodic Tendencies Exercises

Melodic Tendencies and Tendencies of Tones_MT

Sight Singing Material

Sight Singing examples in Treble and Bass Clefs From ¬©2003-5 Smey and Liu-Rosenbaum except where noted. Reproduction and classroom use freely permitted.      

Rhythm Packet

Here is a simple Rhythm Packet I put together for beginner students. It includes some Stomp/Clap beats to be used while reading the rhythms. Intro to Rhythm_Packet_1

Butler Bass Method

Just like the Simandl Method, but without as many deceptive melodies. Butler Bass Method on IMSLP

Thats What I like

Improvisation materials

3_Violin-Hot Cross Buns-Complete-D Violin-7 Steps I- V in A Violin-BoilEmCabbage-7 steps  

Ethan Plan

Ethan Lesson Plan A – New concept and progression 1) Chord progression Sing/Sign Root movement (bass notes) and sing other parts 2) Major Scales and Arpeggios 3) Composition book assignment   B – Rhythm Modal Composition 1) Modal Composition – Mode and Primary Chords 2) Rhythm Patterns – tap/sing/play 3) Compose a modal song or […]

Zach Lesson Plan

  Zach Lesson Plan A – Scales/Arpeggios, Classical and progressions 1) Chord progression – sing/play Sing/Sign Root movement (bass notes) (play in a few keys starting on A string and E string) 2) Arpeggios and Major Scales: ¬†Eythor Thorlaksson book 3) Classical Studies Methods and studies: Eythor Thorlaksson Material   B – […]

Ay’Ona Practice Plan

PDF of Ay’Ona Plan fall 2017 Blues in F: 12 keys: Rhythm Changes: Bb ii V7 I’s