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Bela 7/20/21

Please watch these videos. They have tips for playing faster. Pages 22 and 24 Practice Picking while doing something else, such as watching tv, listen to a podcast, etc (passive practicing). learn Blackbird by the Beetles on guitar. Look up “House of the Rising Sun” Tab, but look at the chord symbols Scale chords: […]

Cello Etude in C/Am

Alivia 7/13/21

I Hear a rhapsody – add cello I Hear a rhapsody – steal some solo material from someone on youtube. Diminish scale WH 1 2 b3 4 b5 b6 6 Major7 Play F Diminished, C Diminished Diminished WH solfege Do Re Me fa Fi Si La Ti Do Learn Stella by starlight Learn Melody and […]

Megan 7/13/21

sonatina at 120, add shifts for vibrato winster gallop, speed up, play with recording play basslines for Sunny side using “walking” and “scissors” techniques

Alivia 7/6/21

Approach notes and chord tones Exercise over “I hear a rhapsody” Basslines with approach notes over Sunny side of the street -Play 1, rest, 5, rest -Play 1, rest, 5, Approach the next bar’s 1 Jazz tune – “I Hear a Rhapsody” record on sound trapa) Pick drum loopb) Basslinec) Harmony (chords or written out […]

Bela 6/29/21

Find Guitar book Print out Vivaldi again, “select fit to margins” or “Scale to page” or “fit to page”… Vivaldi 3rd movement, last 4 lines Watch videos on practicing to play faster 7pm to 8pm, Mondays

Alivia 6/29/21

Jazz tune – record on sound trapa) Pick drum loopb) Basslinec) Harmony (chords or written out harmony partsd) Melody – sing or playe) Solo Approach notes videos below Form: melody, Solo, melody again. Tune: Sunny Side of the street. Post on Soundtrap Check list for next tune

Alivia 6/23/21

Play chords and sing melody Play chord tones (4 notes) along with play along Solo exercises: eighth note patterns 1-2-1 1-2-3-1 1-2-3-5 1-3-4-5 1-3-4-5-6-5 Write out a solo for the first 16 bars steal an idea from Jason Anick

Sunny Side of the Street

Listen to sunny side of the street (singers) Play chords with the play along play melody with play along sing Sing melody and play chords

Transcribe: James MacMillan March