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Janell 7/6

Play G Minor Scale Vivaldi Solfege Sol | Do Me Re Ti | Do   Sol Le  |Sol Fa Me Le | Sol Fa Me Le | Fa  Me-Fa Re Fa| G Minor Songs PDF Oct Up G Minor Songs PDF

Alivia 7/6

My Favorite Things: Soloing: 1) Practice Chord tones and get up to 1.0x speed 2) Passing Tones – use chord tones and add in some passing tones. example patterns: 1-2-3 or 3-2-1 3-4-5 or 5-4-3 5-67-1 (high DO)  67 are eighth notes on beat 2 3) Neighboring Tones Example Patterns 1-2-1  or 3-2-3 3-4-3 or  […]

Bela 7/2

1) Scales: Major Dorian and Mixolydian 2) More on the Modes: 2) Make a Soundtrap recording of Satin Doll First time through: Melody Second time through: Solo Steps: Drum beat (use loops called “Night Train” 1,2, or 3) Chords on guitar or piano Melody and Solo: Melody on Violin, Solo on Violin or […]

Abby 6/30

violin – Easy Blues 1   C blues, Start with Up Bow 2) Chord Tones For Blue Bossa nova  in time 3) 7 Steps  

Alivia 6/29

Our next song is Autumn Leaves. Start listening to it now.  (2 videoes at the bottom) 1) Practice Soloing With the backing track for My Favorite Things: 2) Play the scales that go with each chord, Pizz. and out of time first.    

Janell 6/29

Scale: G Minor 2 Octaves Vivaldi concerto Click to access Vivaldi-Concerto-in-G-minor.pdf 1) Assignment #1 Record G minor Scale on Soundtrap (Due Wednesday Night) 2) Vivaldi Concerto – Notes  Rhythm Bowings and Dynamics (first learn Notes) Ukulele 3) Pick one song (Amazing Grace) and record by Monday’s lesson chord melody book

Abby 6/23

violin – Easy Blues 1 -Blue Bossa – Melody and Chord roots -Bags Groove – Melody at half speed and then 0.75 speed. Play Chord roots at 0.75 or 1.0 speed and listen to the solos. F Bb F F Bb Bb F F (C or Gm) C  F F -C Jam Blues (g and […]

Alivia 6/22

My Favorite Things melody chord roots 3rds 5ths Scales: E dorian minor scale, C major scale, G major scale. 2) Improv – Play chord tones in time over the chord roots -Try to play Rhythms on the chord roots -Du   Du-de   Du-de -Du   Du-de   Du -Du   Du     Du-de    

Alivia 6/15

1) Record Blackthorne Stick Drums (Kick -Snare -Snare) Chord Roots Melody Harmony 2) Version 2 Blackthorne Stick with new melody or solo 3) Start Working on “My Favorite Things” – Listen to different versions on Youtube Drum Beat in 3/4  (Kick -Snare -Snare) Chord Roots Harmony Melody    

Abby 6/9

Autumn Leaves Play melody and Solo with the Play-along Track, Trying to keep your place Blue Bossa – Sheet music and player: Say Rhythm with Melody: Video of the rhythm Play Melody Count 1 2 3 4 with Play-along video Play Along Video Play Melody with Play along Solo with Play along video Chord […]