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Janell 7/6

Play G Minor Scale Vivaldi Solfege Sol | Do Me Re Ti | Do   Sol Le  |Sol Fa Me Le | Sol Fa Me Le | Fa  Me-Fa Re Fa| G Minor Songs PDF Oct Up G Minor Songs PDF

Alivia 7/6

My Favorite Things: Soloing: 1) Practice Chord tones and get up to 1.0x speed 2) Passing Tones – use chord tones and add in some passing tones. example patterns: 1-2-3 or 3-2-1 3-4-5 or 5-4-3 5-67-1 (high DO)  67 are eighth notes on beat 2 3) Neighboring Tones Example Patterns 1-2-1  or 3-2-3 3-4-3 or  […]

Bela 7/2

1) Scales: Major Dorian and Mixolydian 2) More on the Modes: 2) Make a Soundtrap recording of Satin Doll First time through: Melody Second time through: Solo Steps: Drum beat (use loops called “Night Train” 1,2, or 3) Chords on guitar or piano Melody and Solo: Melody on Violin, Solo on Violin or […]

Abby 6/30

violin – Easy Blues 1   C blues, Start with Up Bow 2) Chord Tones For Blue Bossa nova  in time 3) 7 Steps  

Janell 6/29

Scale: G Minor 2 Octaves Vivaldi concerto Click to access Vivaldi-Concerto-in-G-minor.pdf 1) Assignment #1 Record G minor Scale on Soundtrap (Due Wednesday Night) 2) Vivaldi Concerto – Notes  Rhythm Bowings and Dynamics (first learn Notes) Ukulele 3) Pick one song (Amazing Grace) and record by Monday’s lesson chord melody book

Abby 6/23

violin – Easy Blues 1 -Blue Bossa – Melody and Chord roots -Bags Groove – Melody at half speed and then 0.75 speed. Play Chord roots at 0.75 or 1.0 speed and listen to the solos. F Bb F F Bb Bb F F (C or Gm) C  F F -C Jam Blues (g and […]

Alivia 6/22

My Favorite Things melody chord roots 3rds 5ths Scales: E dorian minor scale, C major scale, G major scale. 2) Improv – Play chord tones in time over the chord roots -Try to play Rhythms on the chord roots -Du   Du-de   Du-de -Du   Du-de   Du -Du   Du     Du-de    

Alivia 6/15

1) Record Blackthorne Stick Drums (Kick -Snare -Snare) Chord Roots Melody Harmony 2) Version 2 Blackthorne Stick with new melody or solo 3) Start Working on “My Favorite Things” – Listen to different versions on Youtube Drum Beat in 3/4  (Kick -Snare -Snare) Chord Roots Harmony Melody    

Abby 6/9

Autumn Leaves Play melody and Solo with the Play-along Track, Trying to keep your place Blue Bossa – Sheet music and player: Say Rhythm with Melody: Video of the rhythm Play Melody Count 1 2 3 4 with Play-along video Play Along Video Play Melody with Play along Solo with Play along video Chord […]

Alivia 6/8

Scales: Mixolydian 2 octave up and down, Lydian Song: Fairy Dance. Record in Soundtrap Drums Chord Roots Some kind of part using chord tones. Can match the chord root rhythm or you can make up something else if you like Melody