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Alivia 1/5/21

Blues video Fiddle tunes page 12 re-compose O Holy Night Harmony, at least 8 bars. Try your harmony with the backing track.

Alivia 11/2

All of Me – Play melody, Play Chord Tones, Play Chord Scales 2. Blues Scale – blues scale Do Me Fa Fi Sol Te Do 3. Mixolydian do re mi fa sol la TE do. Blues chords The first C7 is optional, could be G7 instead: G7 (C7) G7 G7 C7 C7 G7 G7 D7 […]

Abby 10/20/20 and 10/27/20

Scales: warm up with A and D then try Bb and Eb 3 octaves 2. Blue Bossa – Play melody, listen to the trumpet solo, then try to solo similarly. Use the melody and rhythms that help you keep track and try to add something to it. 3. 1231, 123455 swing bowing, 123155, 5321 4. […]

Abby 9/22/20

G major 3 octaves E Major Elbow out sooner and Thumb Blues scale Do Me Fa Fi Sol Te Do Try playing the chord root plus some blues scale notes Blues licks videos: Listen and try to copy. He is using a D Blues Scale, and starting on the note ‘A’ ( Sol ) . […]

Alivia 9/21

Scales: Bb Major, 3 octaves Stacc. G Melodic Minor, 2 oct 1st position (up has Me, La Ti; Down has Te Le Me) G Dorian Minor (line 7), (Me, La, Te) G Phrygian Minor (Page 2 Line 6) Vivaldi – Rhythms, Notes for first page

Alivia 8/10

1) autumn leaves chord tones as du-de du-de rest rest, first by yourself then with the backing track 2) E blues scale E G A Bb B D E on E minor 3) Suzuki 15 and 16, Sound like the green shirt guy.  

Abby 8/4

1) Easy Blues 4 at 1.0x speed 2) Doxy – Write a part using patterns 3) Fly me to the moon – listen to : Play along:  

Alivia 8/3

1) autumn leaves -learn the words -Dealing with whole notes: switch it up: fade out (bow lift), vibrato, add in notes 12321, trill, slide, etc. -Chord tones/Tonal patterns (arpeggios/1357 or 5713) on autumn leaves Minuet #3 Download and try Audacity:  

Abby 7/30

1) Play Easy Blues 4 with the recording, use 0.75 speed or 1.0 speed) 2) Write a Solo (or a melody) over Doxy 3) Write a Blues Solo  

Bela 7/25 Look up “Rhythm Changes” on youtube play rhythm changes/Lester Leaps in on guitar If you have more time 1357 on each chord or Play the right scale on each chord I Major VI Natural Minor ii Dorian V Mixolydian