Tenor Madness – Bass


A Week, Lesson 3

Upright Bass Technique
Jazz technique: Practice Rhythms from Rhythm Sheet rpatterns-blues-8th-notes-tenor-madness with each of the 4 right hand Techniques:

  1. a) Big Band index + arm  b)Two Finger Pinch  c) Scissors  d) Electric bass style

    Simandl pages: Pages 9,10

Scale/Arpeggio: Bb Major



SRARI pages: Buy Book here: https://amzn.com/1575605155

Chant Rhythm Patterns from sheet: rpatterns-blues-8th-notes-tenor-madness

Ear training:

-Chord qualities Bb major and Bb minor, Sing Arpeggio while you play the chord on Piano

-Intervals sing intervals in Bb major scale: Bb second Bb, Bb third Bb etc on piano and sing

Tune: Tenor Madness Bb


Tenor Madness

Listen to the Spotify Playlist at the bottom of the page


Melodic Rhythm: tenor-madness Chant the Rhythm of the melody with Rhythm Syllables. Use triplet syllables for eighth notes(Du Di, De Di)

Melodic Patterns:  Melodic Patterns   Work on one pattern at a time. Play them on bass or piano then sing them. Use the solfege syllables.

Melody: tenor-madness Sing with Solfege.    (acapella and w/ Berklee Recording)

Bass roots: tenor-madness Sing and Signal   (acapella and w/ Berklee Recording)

Harmony:  tenor-madness-bb-blues-patterns-and-inner-harmony    Sing Harmonic Lines Do, Fa Sol;  Te,La,Ti;  Mi, Me, Fa  and La, Sol  (acapella and with recording or while playing roots)

Play on bass

Melody, from memory if possible  tenor-madness

Bass Roots  tenor-madness

Bassline: Play the bassline transcription and the one above it from tenor-madness-bb-blues-patterns-and-inner-harmony    

Harmony: tenor-madness-bb-blues-patterns-and-inner-harmony  Play one or more of the harmonic lines along with the recording, Do, Fa Sol;  Te,La,Ti;  Mi, Me, Fa  and La, Sol

Play one of the other 4 basslines from tenor-madness-bb-blues-patterns-and-inner-harmony   make note of any measures you like.


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