Tenor Madness – B Week

BASS LESSON –Tenor Madness B Week

B Week – Tenor Madness– Creating with the material, Rhythm: Pulse, Groove and Microbeat

Upright Bass: 1 Simandl exercise, Classical Solo


-Syncopation:  One hand taps quarter notes, other hand taps the rhythm. Switch hands. Read with good reading technique. Define the bar.

-Complex Sight Reading: Chant rhythm from Syncopation while playing a bassline

-Rhythms Complete, 2nd page. Chant the Rhythm pattern, Define the Rhythm. Play the exercise while knowing the rhythm.

Ear Training: Scale Qualities, Call and response recording (see bottom of page)

The TUNE: Tenor Madness

Listen to

-Tenor Madness  (spotify below)


-2 other tunes from list


Write bassline – Write out a bassline for Tenor Madness. Make sure it is great. Work out any questionable notes.

Write harmony: Write out 2,3 or 4 note comping, Counter line, any thing that isn’t a bassline or melody but pays attention to the chords or melody.

Simple, new blues Melody over Tenor Madness or tune from the list


Melody/Solo (with intention) using a theme (Two note rhythmic them, De – Di) , pattern or device over Tenor madness or tune from the list.

Harmony (Pick one): Counter melody, harmonic line, comp, harmonize melody



-play in a Different Key

-play in a Different Meter

-play in a Different Tonality/Mode

-play in a Different Style


*Scale Qualities (from ear training assignment above):


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