Tenor Madness – C Week

-Analyze the Sheet of Ray Brown bass lines.  (Write roman numerals for the chords, regular numbers for the Chord/Scale Tones of that Chord.)

-Write 2 Chorus Bassline over Tenor Madness. ‘Borrow’ a few bars from Ray Brown or use some of the patterns you analyzed. Make sure it sounds clear, impressive and not too repetitive.

-Practice 4 Scales up to the 9th and back down

Play and repeat a scale while chanting the rhythmic-patterns-level-1

-Listen to the lyrics of “But Beautiful.” Learn the Melody

-Pick a Blues: Tenor Madness, Now’s the time, Straight No chaser, Au Privave, Blue Monk, Bessie’s Blues, etc.

-Pick a fast tune: Four, Ornithology, a Charlie Parker tune or a fast Rhythm Changes tune like Oleo, Good Bait,  etc.



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