Ethan Plan

Ethan Lesson Plan

A – New concept and progression

1) Chord progression

Sing/Sign Root movement (bass notes) and sing other parts

2) Major Scales and Arpeggios

3) Composition book assignment


B – Rhythm

Modal Composition

1) Modal Composition – Mode and Primary Chords

2) Rhythm Patterns – tap/sing/play

3) Compose a modal song or musical idea using part of the rhythm patterns or similar patterns



1) Minor Chord Types and Extensions (C A G E D)  

adding different top notes (1, 3, 9, 7, etc)

2) Minor version of A Week Progression

3) Play a Major song in Minor


D – compose and improvise (recording)

1) Compose 2 short pieces using the chord progression from A, C

2) Use melodic patterns and/or scales from the lessons to

write a melody or improvise over chords

3) Record one composition using Garage Band


Recommended software:

-Reaper – DAW – recording program

-Garage Band

-Audacity – common and free (also get the lame mp3 encoder from their download page)

-MuseScore – Music notation program

-Hydrogen drum machine

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