Bass- Shuffle in E- A Week

A Week – Learning the material, Rhythm: reading and learning patterns

Upright Bass

Jazz technique: Practice Rhythms from Rhythm Sheet-Any Day with each of the 4 Right hand Techniques:

  1. a) Big Band index + arm  b)Two Finger Pinch  c) Scissors  d) Electric bass style


Simandl pages: Pages 9,10

Scale/Arpeggio: E Majorbass-e-major-scale-1


Reading: Book, Sight Read Any Rhythm Instantly

Ear Training:

Chord qualities E major and E minor, Sing Arpeggio while you play the chord

-Intervals sing intervals in E major scale: E- second (F#)- E, E-third-E etc

Berklee Tune: Shuffle In E (Blues)



-The Berklee Recordings

-Read and Listen:

Also see the Spotify Playlist at the bottom of the page


Melodic Rhythm: Chant the Rhythm of the melody with Rhythm Syllables (Du-Di)

Melodic Patterns: mpatterns_i_iv7_v7_and_blues_patterns PDF

Rhythmic Patterns: rpatterns-blues-8th-notes-shuffle-in-E PDF

Melody: Sing with Solfege  Shuffle_in_E_BassClef.pdf (acapella and w/ Berklee Recording)

Bass roots: Sing and Signal   (acapella and w/ Berklee Recording)

Harmony: Sing harmonic-line-e-i-iv-v-blues PDF (acapella and w/playing Bass Roots)


Melody, from memory if possible Shuffle_in_E_BassClef.pdf

Bass Roots: Pick a Rhythm from the Rhythm Patterns Sheet and Play All of the Roots with that Rhythm: rpatterns-blues-8th-notes-shuffle-in-E PDF

Bassline: bass-e-shuffle-bassline PDF

Harmony: One, Two or Three notes at once from: harmonic-line-e-i-iv-v-blues PDF 


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