Ananya 3/21

  1. Play Scales G 2 octaves, D 2 Octaves and One octave scales from D up to G.
  2. Play G Major 2 Oct with the scale video or with a recording of a drone G Drone
  3. Fiddle Tunes – Add Style
    1.  Watch this bowing video: and/or look up violin sonantas on youtube to hear the style. Try to copy the feeling, using vibrato, bowings, loud vs soft, Staccato or Legato.
    2. Use vibrato to emphasize longer notes or important notes
  4. Tips: Use good Bow Hold, Play with More bow and just go for it, Play triplets into the next note (du-da-di-DU) instead of stopping on the”di” part of the triplet.
  5. Check out for songs and to write music
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