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Major Scale Practice

Play 3 octave scales as quarter notes, up and down OR Play each 3 octave scale twice as eighth notes, up and down (High School Audition Tempo)

Sonatina III Rhythm

First 3 lines:

Ananya 3/21

Play Scales G 2 octaves, D 2 Octaves and One octave scales from D up to G. Play G Major 2 Oct with the scale video or with a recording of a drone G Drone Fiddle Tunes – Add Style ¬†Watch this bowing video: and/or look up violin sonantas on youtube to hear the […]

G major 2 oct and D Major 2 oct VVCB option 2

If it is TOO FAST, try changing the speed. Go to the gear>>Speed>> and pick 0.75

G Major Scale 1 Octave

D Major Scale 1 Octave

A Major Scale 1 Octave Violin