Bela 4/23 easy device patterns

1) Device_Patterns PDF here

2) Drunken sailor – Chords on guitar and Melody on violin on soundtrap

3) C Major scale on guitar  A3 A5 D2 D3 D5 G2 G4 G5

4) Easy songs in C on Guitar

5) Beginner guitar book from “The Guitar School – Iceland”

Guitar Method Book 1  Click Here

The book is from this website:

Things to know:

-The text is in Icelandic but you don’t need the text.

-Instead of B they use H, like c d e f g a H c

-Numbers above notes are fret numbers

P, I, and M are commonly used in classical guitar music to mean which right hand finger to use.    P=Thumb   i=index    and   M=middle. Try to use the right hand fingers that they say to use.


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