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Bela 1/19/21

Guitar: Chords in C Major and Vivaldi G minor violin concerto on Guitar (with Tab) Violin: the boy PaganiniPlay first 4 lines In the second video, 1:15 starts the Harmonics at the end of the Allegro Section. Watch to see what it looks like to play the harmonics.

Piano Scale Fingerings

Scale Fingerings sheet from to print out:

Bela 1/12/21

Piano – F Major Scale, F Major Chords, ii V I , Next Song in Piano Book ii= Re Fa La Do V= Re Fa Sol Ti I= Do Mi Sol Ti F Major Work out on violin: Scale 2 oct. and chords 1 oct sight reading Play the first line rhythm of American […]

Bela 12/30

Bowing #3 Middle to tip, play a scales from Guitar: Vivaldi concerto in g Minor

Bela 12/10

from Warm up with 1 octave scale, Bowing #2 12 Melodic Minor Scales , 2 octaves 3 note chords in key of G Major

Bela 11/24

Melodic Minor Scales G D Ab Eb A E @ 90 BPM Link to Google Metronome 3rd Line of Page 9 Rhythm Try intervals on violin Vivaldi

Bela 11/17

Say Page 9 with a beat, focus on lines 3 and 4 Scales G D Ab Eb A E Vivaldi solo on first page

Rhythm Packet for Highschool

11/10 Bela

Scales G D Ab Eb A E I and V7 (tonic and dominant) Do Mi Sol , Re Fa Sol Ti in 6 keys (same as scales) Second Page of Vivaldi

Bela 7/25 Look up “Rhythm Changes” on youtube play rhythm changes/Lester Leaps in on guitar If you have more time 1357 on each chord or Play the right scale on each chord I Major VI Natural Minor ii Dorian V Mixolydian