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Bela 9/14/21

G Minor scale at eighth notes 120 BMP Editor Benjamín Álvarez Rodríguez Publisher Info. Benjamín Álvarez Rodríguez Copyright Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 We need the following websites unblocked for our lessons:

Bela 8/26/21

Scales video at 75% 16th notes, Slow, med. and fast. Use short bow, Keep left wrist straight, Drop fingers quickly, don’t let your third finger slide back, keep it out and hover. Listen to Sarabande, decide if you want to play it or if you want more choices. Bonus: Check out this blues. it has […]

Major Scale Practice

Play 3 octave scales as quarter notes, up and down OR Play each 3 octave scale twice as eighth notes, up and down (High School Audition Tempo)

Bela 8/17/21

Violin: Practice Large, Slow vibrato, then just play the second movement with what vibrato you can do. Eventually it will get easier. Guitar: Chord study at the bottom of p31, Home on the Range, Record the first part, play along.

Bela 8/10/21

Vibrato siren exercise in first and third postion guitar 27-29 Chords in the key of D work on guitar posture

Bela 8/3/21

re-Print out music for vivaldi (fit to page) Vibrato passive practice keeping vibrato going while adding fingers like 1, 1+2, 2, 2+3, 3 chords in F: F Gm Am Bb C7 Dm Em7b5 F Figure out chords in the key of G Pgs 26-27

Bella 7/27/21

VIOLINVivaldi, 16th note parts, Practice as pictured GUITARPages 22, 26 Picking, new chords, Frere Jacque with Passive practicingHouse of the rising sunChords in F

Bela 7/20/21

Please watch these videos. They have tips for playing faster. Pages 22 and 24 Practice Picking while doing something else, such as watching tv, listen to a podcast, etc (passive practicing). learn Blackbird by the Beetles on guitar. Look up “House of the Rising Sun” Tab, but look at the chord symbols Scale chords: […]

Bela 6/29/21

Find Guitar book Print out Vivaldi again, “select fit to margins” or “Scale to page” or “fit to page”… Vivaldi 3rd movement, last 4 lines Watch videos on practicing to play faster 7pm to 8pm, Mondays

Bela 6/1/21

Vivaldi 2nd mov listen to 3rd mov Guitar 19,20,21 Record “Another waltz” page 20 page 23 Boolavogue say rhythm with drum beat stomp clap clap then play