Abby 11/23

Link: Project on Soundtrap

Autumn Leaves Project – Recording list

  1. Chord roots
  2. chord tones (3rds and 7ths, 7ths and 3rds)
  3. melody
  4. solo
  5. Chord scales
  • I. Major Do Re Mi^Fa Sol La Ti^ Do
  • ii. Dorian Do Re^Me Fa Sol La^Tte Do
  • iii. Phrygian Do^Ra Me Fa Sol^Le Te Do
  • IV Lydian Do Re Mi Fi Sol La Ti^Do
  • V7 Dominant Do Re Mi^Fa Sol La^Te Do
  • vi Minor Do Re^Me Fa Sol^Le Te Do
  • vii Locrrian Do^Ra Me Fa ^Se Le Te Do try to record Lightly row:

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