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Abby 6/30

violin – Easy Blues 1   C blues, Start with Up Bow 2) Chord Tones For Blue Bossa nova  in time 3) 7 Steps  

Abby 6/23

violin – Easy Blues 1 -Blue Bossa – Melody and Chord roots -Bags Groove – Melody at half speed and then 0.75 speed. Play Chord roots at 0.75 or 1.0 speed and listen to the solos. F Bb F F Bb Bb F F (C or Gm) C  F F -C Jam Blues (g and […]

Abby 6/9

Autumn Leaves Play melody and Solo with the Play-along Track, Trying to keep your place Blue Bossa – Sheet music and player: Say Rhythm with Melody: Video of the rhythm Play Melody Count 1 2 3 4 with Play-along video Play Along Video Play Melody with Play along Solo with Play along video Chord […]

Abby 6/2

Autumn Leaves 1) Listen to A few different people play melody 1) Melody then solo using: 2) Chord roots 3) Chord tones (1 3 5 7)   *Advanced: go up 1 3 5 7, come down the next chord 3175 (up Aminor: A c e g Down D7: F# D C A) 4) Sequences 1-2-1, […]

Abby 5/27

1) Jazz Bowings Up, D-D, U-U, D-D, etc    and    Up, Pair, Separate, Pair, Separate, etc 2) Autumn Leaves (video starts on E) with Neighboring Tones and/or 1-2-3-2-1, up or down. 3) Blue Monk – Jazz bowings Scales Bb Mixolydian, Eb Mixolydian and F Mixolydian 1-2-1, 1-2-3,   1-7-6-7- 1 Bb7      \   Eb7    \  Bb7  \ Bb7   […]

Jazz bowing videos

Modern Swing Style: Older sounding swing style: Straight Eighth notes Jazz Style: More on Straight Eighth Styles

Abby 5/19

Autumn Leaves: Play sequences on chord roots. 1-1  1-2-3   1-7-1 Blues scale 4 keys Em Gm Bbm C#m  Do Me Fa Sol Te Do Blue Monk – listen to 3 versions  

Abby 5/12

1) Blues scale sequences 1-2-1, 1-2-3, 1-7-1 (Do Te Do), 2) Autumn Leaves – Write stuff in between the melody 3) Summertime if you have time

Learn Jazz Standards

There is a website called that has some great resources. Check out these posts: Tunes 1 – And Tunes 2 – Scales:  

Red Maple – Phrygian Tune

Here is a Phrygian Tune called Red Maple. Notice the two chord progressions: G to F#m (bII-i)  and Em to F#m (bvii-i) G major chord goes to F#m chord, and Em goes to F#m chord   ***Red Maple: for a printable PDF CLICK HERE***