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Alivia 11/21

D Major 3 Octave. Attention left thumb Bb Blues scale, Eb Blues scale A Tonic – E7 Dominant 2 chord jam start with “the Vivaldi lick” A, C and Bb Melodic Minor 2 octaves Vivaldi – first half page 2.

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Alivia 11/16

D Major 3 octave Pay attention to Left thumb. Try with No Thumb then try with thumb. Bb Blues Scale Bow, stacc. Two Chord Jam I-V7 C Tonic, G Dominant Vivaldi Melodic Minor up Do Re Me Fa Sol La Ti Do Melodic Minor Down Do Te Le Sol Fa Me Re Do

Alivia 11/9

D Major 3 Octave scale Bb Blues scale Vivaldi two chord improvisation: C and G7 (I and V)

Alivia 11/2

All of Me – Play melody, Play Chord Tones, Play Chord Scales 2. Blues Scale – blues scale Do Me Fa Fi Sol Te Do 3. Mixolydian do re mi fa sol la TE do. Blues chords The first C7 is optional, could be G7 instead: G7 (C7) G7 G7 C7 C7 G7 G7 D7 […]

Alivia 10/19

C Melodic minor scale 2 octaves UP Do Re Me Fa Sol La Ti Do Down Do Te Le Sol Fa Me Re Do 2) fourth line second page, decide I-pos. or II-pos. (c minor scale position) 3) Work on the first 6 lines of page 2

Alivia 9/28/20

March and say rhythm of first page Go one line at a time and this order: Notes (pitch) with solfege if you are having any trouble hearing what it should sound like Rhythm, at first without the notes, then with the notes Bowings Slurs and articulations like stacc, etc Dynamics, and other expressive elements, etc

Alivia 9/21

Scales: Bb Major, 3 octaves Stacc. G Melodic Minor, 2 oct 1st position (up has Me, La Ti; Down has Te Le Me) G Dorian Minor (line 7), (Me, La, Te) G Phrygian Minor (Page 2 Line 6) Vivaldi – Rhythms, Notes for first page

Alivia 9/14/20

2 oct scales G Ab A B C Bb 3 oct First Bowings 7,8,9 watch vibrato playlist Vibrato playlist

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