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Alivia 7/6

My Favorite Things: Soloing: 1) Practice Chord tones and get up to 1.0x speed 2) Passing Tones – use chord tones and add in some passing tones. example patterns: 1-2-3 or 3-2-1 3-4-5 or 5-4-3 5-67-1 (high DO)  67 are eighth notes on beat 2 3) Neighboring Tones Example Patterns 1-2-1  or 3-2-3 3-4-3 or  […]

Alivia 6/29

Our next song is Autumn Leaves. Start listening to it now.  (2 videoes at the bottom) 1) Practice Soloing With the backing track for My Favorite Things: 2) Play the scales that go with each chord, Pizz. and out of time first.    

Alivia 6/22

My Favorite Things melody chord roots 3rds 5ths Scales: E dorian minor scale, C major scale, G major scale. 2) Improv – Play chord tones in time over the chord roots -Try to play Rhythms on the chord roots -Du   Du-de   Du-de -Du   Du-de   Du -Du   Du     Du-de    

Alivia 6/15

1) Record Blackthorne Stick Drums (Kick -Snare -Snare) Chord Roots Melody Harmony 2) Version 2 Blackthorne Stick with new melody or solo 3) Start Working on “My Favorite Things” – Listen to different versions on Youtube Drum Beat in 3/4  (Kick -Snare -Snare) Chord Roots Harmony Melody    

Alivia 6/8

Scales: Mixolydian 2 octave up and down, Lydian Song: Fairy Dance. Record in Soundtrap Drums Chord Roots Some kind of part using chord tones. Can match the chord root rhythm or you can make up something else if you like Melody

Alivia 6/1

1) D Mixolydian – 2 octaves up and down at 104 BPM 2) G Lydian Scale – 2 octave Lydian 3) Dingle Regatta (G Lydian/2nd line in D Major/Ends in G Lydian) – Go to third position for the second line 4) The Famous Ballymote -Drum Beat first -Roots (D7 and C Major) -Second Chorus […]

Alivia 5/25

1) 2 Octave Mixolydian Scales 2) Sing Old Joe Clark with D and A “drone.” 3) Write a Mixolydian song using the chord roots from Old Joe Clark AND add a drum beat (pick the drum beat first) 4) Rhythms page 2212, rhythms 6230-6236, at 140 BPM (use a metronome) -Move to feel the rhythm […]

Alivia 5/18

1) Mixolydian Scales in A, D, G       (Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Te Do) 2) Rhythms page 2212, rhythms 6230-6236 3) Record Old Joe Clark, Play two other mixolydian tunes

Alivia 5/11

1) Lydian Song 2 2) Write new melody over the Chord roots of Lydian song 2. All of the Chords are major 3) Lydian Scales in G lydian, D Lydian, C Lydian, F Lydian

Lydian Song 2

Lydian song 2 PDF HERE