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Theory Resources

Harmony Tchaikovsky’s Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony A Good practical guide to scales and harmony for pop and modern musicians: The Ravenspiral Guide Counterpoint Counterpoint Book

Melodic Tendencies Exercises

Melodic Tendencies and Tendencies of Tones_MT

Sight Singing Material

Sight Singing examples in Treble and Bass Clefs From ©2003-5 Smey and Liu-Rosenbaum except where noted. Reproduction and classroom use freely permitted.      

Butler Bass Method

Just like the Simandl Method, but without as many deceptive melodies. Butler Bass Method on IMSLP

Bass Lesson – Any Day (Part 1) PDF FILES HERE:   Melodic Patterns Rhythmic Patterns     Any-Day-F-inner-harmony-v2      Checklist   Week 1 Technique: Long tones with the bow (watch that bass is in front of you, Elbow should be bent when at the frog, Shoulder should be relaxed) Simandl pages: Pages 9,10 Scale/Arpeggio: F Major Rhythm  SRARI pages: Buy Book […]