All of Me and 2 Play-along tracks


All_of_Me resolutions and licks PDF

All_of_Me Skills-1


First, Listen to a few people play All of Me. Listen for Rhythmic variations, watch to see when musicians look at each other for cues. They are looking to indicate that something is going to happen or to see if there is another solo, usually when they go back to the beginning of the song.

1. All of Me version 1

2. All of Me version 2

3. All of Me version 3

PLAYING “ALL OF ME” ON YOUR INSTRUMENT – try the following exercises over the videos below

1. Play Melody

2. Play each resolution with an improvised Rhythm

3. Pick two resolutions and improvise using both. Remember to “resolve” the last note of the bar into the next bar (Fa goes to Mi).

4. Play Chord Tones 1 3 5 6/7 over each chord

5. Play Melody notes (licks) over each chord (the first one is 1 5 3), in-time if possible, out of time (no rhythm) if needed.




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