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Jazz bowing blog post: Straight Eighth notes Jazz Style: More on Straight Eighth Styles

ii – V7 – I Patterns and Licks

First Step: Get familiar with the Chord Tones Once you feel familiar with the chord tones for II – V7 -I, Check out this post with 25 easy ii – V7 – I licks 25 Easy ii-V-I Licks Good ii – V7 – I Songs: Satin Doll, How High the Moon, Tune up

Learn Jazz Standards

There is a website called that has some great resources. Check out these posts: Tunes 1 – And Tunes 2 – Scales:  

Summertime 2

Scales chord tones 1357 on all chords (the D7b9 at the end of the first line is an optional D Mixolydian) Resolutions Patterns 1-2-3 ,    3-5-3,     4-3-4-5,      5 3 1,    3-1-5,       1(high Do)-7-5-3 Make a soundtrap account or log in with a google account: Here is the song on Soundtrap: Summertime […]


Some things to check out for Summertime:   Summertime in A minor. You can hear that the violinist uses the A blues scale A LOT and plays chord tones while the guitar solos:

Modal tunes

Major: Allegro (Suzuki), Pretty much most songs, especially most beginner songs. Dorian: Do Re Me Fa Sol LA Te Do E Dorian: Drowsy Maggie A Dorian: The Swallowtail E Dorian: Drunken Sailor Phrygian: Do RA Me Fa Sol Le Te Do B Phrygian (same notes as G Major, starting on the 3rd) The Phrygian Whistle […]

50 improv ideas

All of Me and 2 Play-along tracks

Assignments All_of_Me resolutions and licks PDF   First, Listen to a few people play All of Me. Listen for Rhythmic variations, watch to see when musicians look at each other for cues. They are looking to indicate that something is going to happen or to see if there is another solo, usually when they go […]

Improvisation materials

3_Violin-Hot Cross Buns-Complete-D Violin-7 Steps I- V in A Violin-BoilEmCabbage-7 steps