Anna 4/14

** SCALE: F Major 3 octaves **

1) Positions etudes – We need books III and IV

From (whole page with books 1-5)

Book III

Book IV

2) Play Giorno’s Theme – Musescore and

3) 16th Note Rhythm Studies

Rhythmic Patterns – Sixteenth Notes 1


Rhythm_Packet 16th note pages: 18 to 28 and 37 to 41

4) Get your solo “recital ready”

5) Pick a solo:

Accolay Concerto No. 1 in A Minor
Bach, J. S, Concerto in A minor
Kreisler Sicilienne and Rigaudon
Monti Czardas
Dancla Airs Varies, op. 89
Weber Waltz
Tartini Fugue from Sonata in C, op. 1, no. 3
Handel Violin Sonatas in D Major and A Major
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