Bela 4/16

1) Learn E minor and D major chords on guitar. Then Record guitar chords for Drunken Sailor

2) Learn G D A7 chords on guitar and record them on the Blues

3) Drunken Sailor A) Chord Roots b) Chord Tones C) Resolutions: (ii-I in D Major) Resolutions E and D, G and F# , B and A.    D) Passing Tones E) Neighboring tones

4)  Listen to Miles Davis “So What” in D Dorian  and “Impressions” by John Coltrane

Try Soloing along with the recording in dorian. See if you can steal the parts you like

“So What” and “Impressions” use the same chords

Chords: 16 bars of D dorian, 8 Eb dorian, 8 more bars of D Dorian



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