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Major Scale Practice

Play 3 octave scales as quarter notes, up and down OR Play each 3 octave scale twice as eighth notes, up and down (High School Audition Tempo)

slower 3 octave scale Practice option 2

Anna 4/21

1) Scale Video: 2) Rhythm Exercises: Play rhythms 6316 to 6322 using any scale. Any rhythms you get wrong, Please say out loud, then resume. 3) Haydn Solo: Work in sections to fix tempo. Use a metronome and play slow, staccato, and without bowings until you are sure of the rhythm, then speed it up. […]

Anna 4/14

** SCALE: F Major 3 octaves ** 1) Positions etudes – We need books III and IV From (whole page with books 1-5) Book III Book IV 2) Play Giorno’s Theme – Musescore and 3) 16th Note Rhythm Studies Rhythmic Patterns – Sixteenth Notes 1 Sixteenth_Note_Rhythms Rhythm_Packet 16th note pages: 18 to 28 […]

Haydn Rhythms from last solo to cadenza

Anna Assignment 3/17

scales: use one of the scale files to practice your scales. Try to play along with the option 2 video at least once HERE. Record videos of yourself playing each section of your solo. This may take all week.  Do one section a day. If you don’t like how you played, you may do it […]

Scales practice track

105 BPM, 12 keys, up a half step Starts in G