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Transcribe: James MacMillan March

transcribe: Schubert

Transcribe: Flag Dance

Staff Paper

Cello Sonatina

Anthony 4/13

G major scale 2 oct. and arpeggio #3 clean up, leave fingers down when playing the open string pedal part. Rhythm – 3/4, bar 13, g major scale, one note per bar Southern Roses – count out loud 123 Breval –  2nd mov’t

Cello Bow Hold

Good Cello Chop Video

Breval Sonata in C

Watch the first 3 lines or so of the Breval sonata in each video. Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 answer these questions: Which version did you like the best? Why? Which version did you like the least? Why? PROJECT 1: Make a video of the first two or three lines and try to make […]