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Bags Groove w/ blues scale practice

Megan 11/10/21

8 duets (9-16) Bedford Square Blues Listen to Bach Cello suite “allemande”

Bags Groove bassline

Another G Blues

St. Louis Blues

Easy Blues for Cello

Cello Scale Practice

Megan 8/24/21

Yo-Yo Ma The prelude is from 0:13 up to 2:42. Check out the fingerings (mostly which string he is playing the notes on). Notice how he keeps his left hand fingers down as he plays the next note. Notice the difference in bowing

Megan 8/17/21

1 – c major 3 octave scale 2 – How high the moon, write out solo, 5 1-7-1 5 1 3 – Bach cello suite Prelude – first 2 lines

Megan 8/10/21

C major 3 octave. 3rd octave fingering 24, 124, 123 The Sloe Fly me to the moon (look up on youtube)