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Call me maybe

Practice material for Call Me Maybe Practicing switching between the chords. Slow   Med   Fast Good news! The Hook Theory website is able to slow down the songs! I just never was able to get it to work before. Here is how: Click the link below: Then, Next to the […]

Checklist for Songs

For a PDF version, _________Click Here_________ Skill Songs: Listen to Song Chant Rhythm Sing Melody Sing/Sign Bassline Sing Harmony or Patterns Play Rhythm Play Melody Play Bassline Play Harmony or Patterns Improvise Melody Improvise Bassline Improvise Harmony Different Key Different Meter Different Tonality Different Style Compose new Melody Compose New Bassline Compose Harmony  

Guitar Class # 1

PDF: Guitar-night-class-1 Drum Beat Track: Software You may Want to Download: Drum Machine: Music Notation: Spotify Playlist: