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Zach Lesson Plan

  Zach Lesson Plan A – Scales/Arpeggios, Classical and progressions 1) Chord progression – sing/play Sing/Sign Root movement (bass notes) (play in a few keys starting on A string and E string) 2) Arpeggios and Major Scales: ¬†Eythor Thorlaksson book 3) Classical Studies Methods and studies: Eythor Thorlaksson Material   B – […]

Rhythmic Patterns 1-4 Level 1

C week, D Chords, Nov. Rain

C – Song with progression from A week or Pick a new cover song 1) November Rain: analyze chord progression 2) write/sing/play Sing and Play Root movement (bass notes)                        Fa Mi Re Do Fa Re Do Play Chords, Sing Root movement with hand […]

Under the bridge  

Zum Gali Gali – Piano and Guitar


Mary Had a Little Lamb – Guitar

Rhythm Patterns Melodic patterns Bassline Chords C and G Bassline and Chords with Melody

Call me maybe

Practice material for Call Me Maybe Practicing switching between the chords. Slow   Med   Fast Good news! The Hook Theory website is able to slow down the songs! I just never was able to get it to work before. Here is how: Click the link below: Then, Next to the […]

Watch Free Performances Online

It is important to hear great performers playing your instrument. Live is best, but it is not always possible to find the right instrument at the right concert hall at the right time. So if you can’t get to the concert hall, watch some of these world class musicians playing great music live, or whenever you get […]

All I want for Christmas, Beautiful Skies, Young Volcanoes

Schedule Practice times for the week. Try to find 10 minutes each day to play. Write out what times you will practice for the whole week. Practice the melody for Beautiful Skies, sing melody, then play the melody. All I Want for Christmas Young Volcanoes   Reminder: The Hook Theory website is able to slow […]

G Chords, Add Notes

and Rhythms level 1 at 170 BPM