Rock Around The Clock – Skills for Improvisation

The Lesson Sheet:

Link to PDF       Rock Around The Clock -7 Skills Lesson      



1. Sing bass with hand signals, Play Bass then Chords, sing root with Solfege
2. Sing Rhythm Patterns, Then sing Rhythm patters on Roots of chords, Play
3. Sing/Improv Rhythms, Then Improv Rhythms using Roots
4. Sing Basic Tonal Paterns individually while Playing Roots, Play Pattern while singing Root
5. Sing Patterns on I-IV-I-IV and I-IV-I-V with hand signals,
Sing/Play root, Play patterns/Sing Root

6. Choose Then Sing Patterns on Chord Changes of Song, Play
7. Learn the voice leading/Inner Voices/Harmonic Line of
I IV V (Sol and La, Mi and Fa, Do and Ti, Do Fa and Sol
8. Sing Hm. Line While Playing Roots (Basic)
9. Sing Harmonic Line with Blues/Dominant
(Mi, Me and Fa, Te La and Ti)

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