Rock Around The Clock – Skills for Improvisation

The Lesson Sheet:

Rock Around The Clock -7 Skills Lesson

Audio for Echoing patterns:

Audio for Patterns over the Chord changes:

1. Sing bass with hand signals, Play Bass then Chords, sing root with Solfege
2. Sing Rhythm Patterns, Then sing Rhythm patters on Roots of chords, Play
3. Sing/Improv Rhythms, Then Improv Rhythms using Roots
4. Sing Basic Tonal Paterns individually while Playing Roots, Play Pattern while singing Root
5. Sing Patterns on I-IV-I-IV and I-IV-I-V with hand signals,
Sing/Play root, Play patterns/Sing Root

6. Choose Then Sing Patterns on Chord Changes of Song, Play
7. Learn the voice leading/Inner Voices/Harmonic Line of
I IV V (Sol and La, Mi and Fa, Do and Ti, Do Fa and Sol
8. Sing Hm. Line While Playing Roots (Basic)
9. Sing Harmonic Line with Blues/Dominant
(Mi, Me and Fa, Te La and Ti)

To Save the mp3 files for this lesson to a computer:

Link: Pattern Echoing

Link: Patterns over the chords

On a computer, right click on each of the links above and choose ‘save target as…’ or ‘Save Link as…’ in order to save the mp3.

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