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Major Scale Practice

Play 3 octave scales as quarter notes, up and down OR Play each 3 octave scale twice as eighth notes, up and down (High School Audition Tempo)

Song of the wind

Some resources for Song of the Wind Solfege Do Re Mi Fa Sol Sol Sol Sol, (La Fa Do La Sol) (La Fa Do La Sol) Sol Fa Fa Fa | Fa Mi Mi Mi | Mi Re Re Re | Do Mi Sol Sol Fa Fa Fa | Fa Mi Mi Mi | Mi […]

Sonatina III Rhythm

First 3 lines:

Modal tunes

Major: Allegro (Suzuki), Pretty much most songs, especially most beginner songs. Dorian: Do Re Me Fa Sol LA Te Do E Dorian: Drowsy Maggie A Dorian: The Swallowtail E Dorian: Drunken Sailor Phrygian: Do RA Me Fa Sol Le Te Do B Phrygian (same notes as G Major, starting on the 3rd) The Phrygian Whistle […]

Clementi Sonatina I

This sonatina was originally written for Piano. The Piano version is not exactly the same as the violin version, but it will give you an idea of what the piece was originally supposed to sound like. The violin version has several spots where it tries to imitate the piano version and several spots that avoid […]

Good Suzuki Book 1 Youtube Playlist

Link to the Playlist page: Click here for the Playlist on Youtube

G major 2 oct and D Major 2 oct VVCB option 2

If it is TOO FAST, try changing the speed. Go to the gear>>Speed>> and pick 0.75

G Major Scale 1 Octave

D Major Scale 1 Octave

A Major Scale 1 Octave Violin