Summertime 2

  1. Scales
  2. chord tones 1357 on all chords
    1. (the D7b9 at the end of the first line is an optional D Mixolydian)
  3. ResolutionsScreen Shot 2020-03-24 at 5.10.11 PM
  4. Patterns 1-2-3 ,    3-5-3,     4-3-4-5,      5 3 1,    3-1-5,       1(high Do)-7-5-3
  5. Make a soundtrap account or log in with a google account:
  6. Here is the song on Soundtrap: Summertime on soundtrap .It won’t let you check it out without signing in.
  7. Here is a different youtube version in case you don’t want to do soundtrap: Summertime on YoutubeSummertime 2

For the melody, some scales and a play along track

check out this site:

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