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Ukulele Songs in F

Scale Tones in F Hot Cross Buns in F Mary Had a Little Lamb in F Twinkle Little Star in F

Lightly Row (Short Version) in C

Lightly Row for Christian

Ukulele C Major Scale

Go Tell Aunt Rhodie – ukulele

Mi – Mi Re | Do-Do (rest) | Re – Re Fa | Mi Re Do (rest) | Sol-Sol Fa | Mi- Mi (rest) | Re Fa Mi Re | Do- – – |

Chords C (Tonic) and G7 (Dominant) – ukulele

The C Chord is Tonic The G7 Chord is Dominant

Ukulele and Piano – Hot Cross buns

Mary Had a Little Lamb – Ukulele

  Rhythm Patterns Melodic patterns Sing the Bassline Sing the Melody Chords on Ukulele Melody on Ukulele