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Ukulele C Major Scale

Major Duple in C

__CLICK HERE FOR PDF piano-majorduple-complete-c__-

Hop Old Squirrel

Hop Old Squirell ****FOR A PDF CLICK HERE****

Garage Band for iOS

Here are some guides for Garageband for iOS The Apple Support Guides: For iPad¬†¬† For iPhone Other helpful sites and videos: iOS Tutorials Best order to record tracks: -Drum Beat -Bassline -Harmony -Melody and/or solo  

Rhythmic Patterns 5-8 Level 1

Rhythmic Patterns 1-4 Level 1

Lightly Row in C

Boil them Cabbage – Piano

__Click here for a PDF of the LESSON MATERIAL___ Rhythms: Sing the Bassline: Melodic Patterns: Melody:  

Mary Had a Little Lamb – Piano

  Rhythmic Patterns: Melodic Patterns: Melody: Bassline: