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Ukulele C Major Scale

Janell 7/6

Play G Minor Scale Vivaldi Solfege Sol | Do Me Re Ti | Do   Sol Le  |Sol Fa Me Le | Sol Fa Me Le | Fa  Me-Fa Re Fa| G Minor Songs PDF Oct Up G Minor Songs PDF

Janell 6/29

Scale: G Minor 2 Octaves Vivaldi concerto Click to access Vivaldi-Concerto-in-G-minor.pdf 1) Assignment #1 Record G minor Scale on Soundtrap (Due Wednesday Night) 2) Vivaldi Concerto – Notes  Rhythm Bowings and Dynamics (first learn Notes) Ukulele 3) Pick one song (Amazing Grace) and record by Monday’s lesson chord melody book

slower 3 octave scale Practice option 2

Clementi Sonatina I

This sonatina was originally written for Piano. The Piano version is not exactly the same as the violin version, but it will give you an idea of what the piece was originally supposed to sound like. The violin version has several spots where it tries to imitate the piano version and several spots that avoid […]

50 improv ideas

Ukulele Let it be

Ukulele-We Will Rock You Melody


Mary Had a Little Lamb – Ukulele

  Rhythm Patterns Melodic patterns Sing the Bassline Sing the Melody Chords on Ukulele Melody on Ukulele

Ukulele – October 24th

Happy birthday chord melody Ukulele way – C major and songs Strumming patterns   Happy birthday chord melody 2. Ukulele way – C major and songs – Click on link below If you like these songs, you may want to check out “The Ukuleleway” 3. Strumming patterns video