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Song of the wind

Some resources for Song of the Wind Solfege Do Re Mi Fa Sol Sol Sol Sol, (La Fa Do La Sol) (La Fa Do La Sol) Sol Fa Fa Fa | Fa Mi Mi Mi | Mi Re Re Re | Do Mi Sol Sol Fa Fa Fa | Fa Mi Mi Mi | Mi […]

Homemade Practice Mutes

First Place: Clothes Pin. Use a clothes pin and attach it to the bridge. You can even use two or you could use something like a quarter to add mass to mute it even more. Just put the dime/quarter/penny on the bridge and clamp it on with the clothes pin. Second Place: 2 Magnets. Use […]

Lightly row on musescore

Lightly Row Play Along

Hot Cross Buns on Each String

For a PDF of Violin Hot Cross Buns on Each String, Click here FAST SLOW  

Dashiel 3/21

Scales (see Scales videos) Hot Cross Buns on Each String Click HERE Tips: Keep Left wrist straight, Keep bow hand relaxed. Play One note then stop and check bow hand, play another note etc. until the bow feels easy Try Lightly Row¬† watch here:  

Good Suzuki Book 1 Youtube Playlist

Link to the Playlist page: Click here for the Playlist on Youtube

G Major Scale 1 Octave

D Major Scale 1 Octave

A Major Scale 1 Octave Violin