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Abby 9/22/20

G major 3 octaves E Major Elbow out sooner and Thumb Blues scale Do Me Fa Fi Sol Te Do Try playing the chord root plus some blues scale notes Blues licks videos: Listen and try to copy. He is using a D Blues Scale, and starting on the note ‘A’ ( Sol ) . […]

Alivia 9/21

Scales: Bb Major, 3 octaves Stacc. G Melodic Minor, 2 oct 1st position (up has Me, La Ti; Down has Te Le Me) G Dorian Minor (line 7), (Me, La, Te) G Phrygian Minor (Page 2 Line 6) Vivaldi – Rhythms, Notes for first page

Alivia 8/10

1) autumn leaves chord tones as du-de du-de rest rest, first by yourself then with the backing track 2) E blues scale E G A Bb B D E on E minor 3) Suzuki 15 and 16, Sound like the green shirt guy.  

Abby 8/4

1) Easy Blues 4 at 1.0x speed 2) Doxy – Write a part using patterns 3) Fly me to the moon – listen to : Play along:  

Alivia 8/3

1) autumn leaves -learn the words -Dealing with whole notes: switch it up: fade out (bow lift), vibrato, add in notes 12321, trill, slide, etc. -Chord tones/Tonal patterns (arpeggios/1357 or 5713) on autumn leaves Minuet #3 Download and try Audacity:  

Abby 7/30

1) Play Easy Blues 4 with the recording, use 0.75 speed or 1.0 speed) 2) Write a Solo (or a melody) over Doxy 3) Write a Blues Solo  

Bela 7/25 Look up “Rhythm Changes” on youtube play rhythm changes/Lester Leaps in on guitar If you have more time 1357 on each chord or Play the right scale on each chord I Major VI Natural Minor ii Dorian V Mixolydian          

Abby 7/21

Easy Blues 4 Violin 2) Listen to doxy and sing Doxy – write in bowings (slurs) and write in Articulations. Dot . for short notes  or – dash for long notes. 3) Write a blues using     Du – de,   Du – De,   Du.  De.  and passing tones pattern c d e […]

Alivia 7/20

1) jazz bowing exercise down up-up down-down up-up etc on scales (like d major) and on chord roots of autumn leaves (down up-up down-down 2) autumn leaves – learn words 3) Tonal patterns (arpeggios/1357) on autumn leaves      

Abby 7/14

1. Easy Blues 3 Violin 2. Doxy – Melody (count during rests), play chord roots with solos and see if you can keep track. Work on chord tones out of time, then in time 3. Write a Blues using the Mi Me Fa Resolutions