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Abby 6/2

Autumn Leaves 1) Listen to A few different people play melody 1) Melody then solo using: 2) Chord roots 3) Chord tones (1 3 5 7)   *Advanced: go up 1 3 5 7, come down the next chord 3175 (up Aminor: A c e g Down D7: F# D C A) 4) Sequences 1-2-1, […]

Practice Log Template

Practice Log Template PDF CLICK HERE

Alivia 6/1

1) D Mixolydian – 2 octaves up and down at 104 BPM 2) G Lydian Scale – 2 octave Lydian 3) Dingle Regatta (G Lydian/2nd line in D Major/Ends in G Lydian) – Go to third position for the second line 4) The Famous Ballymote -Drum Beat first -Roots (D7 and C Major) -Second Chorus […]

Abby 5/27

1) Jazz Bowings Up, D-D, U-U, D-D, etc    and    Up, Pair, Separate, Pair, Separate, etc 2) Autumn Leaves (video starts on E) with Neighboring Tones and/or 1-2-3-2-1, up or down. 3) Blue Monk – Jazz bowings Scales Bb Mixolydian, Eb Mixolydian and F Mixolydian 1-2-1, 1-2-3,   1-7-6-7- 1 Bb7      \   Eb7    \  Bb7  \ Bb7   […]

Jazz bowing videos

Modern Swing Style: Older sounding swing style: Straight Eighth notes Jazz Style: More on Straight Eighth Styles

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Alivia 5/25

1) 2 Octave Mixolydian Scales 2) Sing Old Joe Clark with D and A “drone.” 3) Write a Mixolydian song using the chord roots from Old Joe Clark AND add a drum beat (pick the drum beat first) 4) Rhythms page 2212, rhythms 6230-6236, at 140 BPM (use a metronome) -Move to feel the rhythm […]

Row Row Row Your Boat in G


Bela 5/22

1) Chord tones over Satin Doll in a jazz style (resolutions) 2) Melody for Satin Doll 3) Chords on guitar for Satin Doll Satin Doll play along youtube: Guitar chords: ii – V – I Post

ii – V7 – I Patterns and Licks

First Step: Get familiar with the Chord Tones Once you feel familiar with the chord tones for II – V7 -I, Check out this post with 25 easy ii – V7 – I licks 25 Easy ii-V-I Licks Good ii – V7 – I Songs: Satin Doll, How High the Moon, Tune up