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Alivia 7/20

1) jazz bowing exercise down up-up down-down up-up etc on scales (like d major) and on chord roots of autumn leaves (down up-up down-down 2) autumn leaves – learn words 3) Tonal patterns (arpeggios/1357) on autumn leaves      

Abby 7/14

1. Easy Blues 3 Violin 2. Doxy – Melody (count during rests), play chord roots with solos and see if you can keep track. Work on chord tones out of time, then in time 3. Write a Blues using the Mi Me Fa Resolutions

Alivia 7/13

Autumn Leaves improv skills

Bela 7/11

1 play the first two ii V I patterns on guitar And violin And Piano if possible 2 make up a few patterns. keep the ones you like. Try a few rhythms. 3 watch all of the ii V I videos you can find on youtube

Abby 7/7

Easy Blues 2 violin 2. on Blue Bossa play chord roots with rhythm: Du Du (rest) De Du 1     2     (3)    AND 4 3. Doxy Play along

Simone next Cello Pieces

    Click to access cello_repertoire_list_2016.pdf page 12

Janell 7/6

Play G Minor Scale Vivaldi Solfege Sol | Do Me Re Ti | Do   Sol Le  |Sol Fa Me Le | Sol Fa Me Le | Fa  Me-Fa Re Fa| G Minor Songs PDF Oct Up G Minor Songs PDF

Alivia 7/6

My Favorite Things: Soloing: 1) Practice Chord tones and get up to 1.0x speed 2) Passing Tones – use chord tones and add in some passing tones. example patterns: 1-2-3 or 3-2-1 3-4-5 or 5-4-3 5-67-1 (high DO)  67 are eighth notes on beat 2 3) Neighboring Tones Example Patterns 1-2-1  or 3-2-3 3-4-3 or  […]

Bela 7/2

1) Scales: Major Dorian and Mixolydian 2) More on the Modes: 2) Make a Soundtrap recording of Satin Doll First time through: Melody Second time through: Solo Steps: Drum beat (use loops called “Night Train” 1,2, or 3) Chords on guitar or piano Melody and Solo: Melody on Violin, Solo on Violin or […]

Abby 6/30

violin – Easy Blues 1   C blues, Start with Up Bow 2) Chord Tones For Blue Bossa nova  in time 3) 7 Steps