Modal tunes

Major: Allegro (Suzuki), Pretty much most songs, especially most beginner songs.

Dorian: Do Re Me Fa Sol LA Te Do

E Dorian: Drowsy Maggie

A Dorian: The Swallowtail

E Dorian: Drunken Sailor

Phrygian: Do RA Me Fa Sol Le Te Do

B Phrygian (same notes as G Major, starting on the 3rd) The Phrygian Whistle

F# Phrygian (D Major) Homer’s

The Strange Drum Use the second version (du da di)

Lydian: Do Re Mi Fi Sol LA Ti Do (Fi is sharp Fa)

“Maria” from West Side Story

And Lydian song 2

Mixolydian: Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Te Do

A Mixolydian The Jolly Beggarman  Click on the “Sheet Music” Tab  if you just see letters and no notes

A Mixolydian Old Joe Clark

G Mixolydian The Famous Ballymote

Aeolian: (Also called Natural Minor, yup, just a normal minor scale)

Do Re Me Fa Sol Le Te Do

A Aeolian/A Minor: Castle Kelly

D Aeolian/ D Minor: Tam Lin (Don’t forget the Flat note (Bb). It also sounds a little like A Phrygian in the beginning)

Locrian: The craziest sounding mode Do Ra Me Fa Se Le Te Do   (Se is flat Sol) 

Dust to Dust: Dust to Dust


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