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Billy in the Low Ground – Soloing

___CLICK HERE for a PDF soloing-on-billy-in-the-low-ground Chord tones in the key of C: Use these chords in the key of C. Also add passing tones, stopping on chord tones. Also Apply these chords and the C major scale to Old Joe Clark and Texas Gals.

Young Volcanoes, D Major and B Minor

__PDF HERE guitar-d-major-and-b-minor-scales-and-chords___

5/4 groove, Dreamin’ 2 part – Pre-Chorus

  Play the 5/4 Groove on an A major, D Major and E Major Chord Play D Major Scale Play and sign the bass notes in the D Major Scale (Play note then sign with right hand and say the letter name) Play the Chords in the D Major Scale Listen to Dreamin’ 2nd part, […]

Chords A – E7, I – V7

The Guitar Lesson Sheet is  _____GUITAR LESSON SHEET PDF____ The Piano version : _______PIANO LESSON SHEET___ Practice Switching Chords   Play The Melody, The Bass line and the Chords with the accompaniment

Boil Em Cabbage in A, Play Along

Bass Lesson Sheet: ________Bass Clef – Boil ’em Cabbage Lesson Sheet PDF HERE________

Play Along: Can’t Help Falling in Love

Oh Susanna part 1 – Practice files

Rhythm Patterns – echo the rhythm patterns   Melody with Rhythm Syllables. Watch and listen, then watch again and say the Syllables along with the video   Melody – 1 Time medium tempo 2, Times Slowly   Chords- Travis picking. Practice Melody with the chord video

Just Breathe – Pearl Jam

Travis picking song ‘Just Breathe’: Lesson Sheet for Just Breathe The form is: Ax2 Ax4  Bx1 Ax2 Ax4 Bx1 Cx1 Ax2 Bx1 Cx1 Ax2 Bx2 Audio for Section A – Slow -repeated 6 times   Audio for Section B – Slow -repeated 6 times   Audio for Section C – Slow -Played once   […]

Rock Around The Clock – Skills for Improvisation

The Lesson Sheet: Link to PDF       Rock Around The Clock -7 Skills Lesson         1. Sing bass with hand signals, Play Bass then Chords, sing root with Solfege 2. Sing Rhythm Patterns, Then sing Rhythm patters on Roots of chords, Play 3. Sing/Improv Rhythms, Then Improv Rhythms using Roots 4. Sing Basic Tonal […]

Travis Picking – Guitar

Travis Picking Exercises for Boil Em Cabbage Down: Click here for the Lesson Sheet for Guitar-BoilEmCabbageDown-Travis Picking   Here is a list of links to the TAB for some easy Travis Picking songs: (this list came from HERE) James Taylor – Fire and Rain Cat Stevens – The Wind Dave Matthews Band – Grace is […]