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Zach Lesson Plan

  Zach Lesson Plan A – Scales/Arpeggios, Classical and progressions 1) Chord progression – sing/play Sing/Sign Root movement (bass notes) (play in a few keys starting on A string and E string) 2) Arpeggios and Major Scales:  Eythor Thorlaksson book 3) Classical Studies Methods and studies: Eythor Thorlaksson Material   B – […]

Rhythmic Patterns 5-8 Level 1

Rhythmic Patterns 1-4 Level 1

Zach and Ethan Playlist


Under the bridge  

Dreamin’ – Chorus Lead out, and F Major

5/4 groove, Dreamin’ 2 part – Pre-Chorus

  Play the 5/4 Groove on an A major, D Major and E Major Chord Play D Major Scale Play and sign the bass notes in the D Major Scale (Play note then sign with right hand and say the letter name) Play the Chords in the D Major Scale Listen to Dreamin’ 2nd part, […]

Chords A – E7, I – V7

The Guitar Lesson Sheet is  _____GUITAR LESSON SHEET PDF____ The Piano version : _______PIANO LESSON SHEET___ Practice Switching Chords   Play The Melody, The Bass line and the Chords with the accompaniment

Boil Em Cabbage in A, Play Along

Bass Lesson Sheet: ________Bass Clef – Boil ’em Cabbage Lesson Sheet PDF HERE________