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When The Saints – Duet

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Rhythmic Patterns 5-8 Level 1

Rhythmic Patterns 1-4 Level 1

Carnival of Venice – Part 2

Take a look at the video below watch the bassline video from part 1 and see if you can recognize “Do” or “tonic”, “Sol” or “Dominant” and the 3 patterns: Do Mi Sol, Sol Ti Re Sol Fa Re Ti Video 1: Video 2 – The Bassline

More T-Rex  rhythms

Triple Rhythm Patterns

T Rex bars 3-6

1) Listen 2) Chant  3) Play

Watch Free Performances Online

It is important to hear great performers playing your instrument. Live is best, but it is not always possible to find the right instrument at the right concert hall at the right time. So if you can’t get to the concert hall, watch some of these world class musicians playing great music live, or whenever you get […]

T Rex Rhythms

  Rhythm 1   Rhythm 2

Bass – Minuet in G

___PDF FILE HERE for Bass-Minuet-in-G______ Rhythmic Patterns